Being a “Witchy” Mama

cropped-the-best-documentaries-about-witchcraft-u1.jpgI am a Witchy Mama! What does this mean? Simply? I am a Witch and a Pagan, and I have children. More detail?  It means that I dance along that ancient dirt path through the forest we call life, all the while attempting to help my littles gain their own footing.

It means that we make it a point to respect Nature. We recycle, breastfeed, and cloth diaper. We compost, and grow our own food (as much as we can). We play in the rain. We run barefoot. We volunteer, and fight for social justice.

It means that I encourage playing in the dirt, and blow kisses to the moon. It means fairies and monsters are both real, and that life has shadows as well as light. Sure my holidays are slightly different, and there are more of them, but in our house they’re fairly low key.

For my children, it means “extra” lessons. Learning about the symbology behind everyday life. Learning not only how to grow a garden, but what impact those plants can have, not only on our bodies, but our minds, and surroundings as well. It means “listening” to our dreams. It means meditation instead of timeout, and talking through our problems.

  It means that, in my house, magic isn’t something you go out of, you grow into it.


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  1. John says:

    Everyone loves it when individuals come together and share thoughts.
    Great website, continue the good work!


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