Ug, GF


Well over a year ago I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease. I tried with little success to follow the Dr’s orders and cut all wheat, rye, barley, and all their derivatives from my diet. I failed so hard. So, my “stomach problems”, as we call them, continued, unabated. I kept gaining weight. I had days that I just wanted to curl up into a ball because my stomach hurt so bad. But, damn, that garlic bread is yummy!

Recently I had a stretch where, through no planning, I went several days without eating anything that triggered my symptoms. And it was WONDERFUL! After 3 days, I could stand upright without the stabby feeling in my gut. It didn’t take half an hour to use the toilet (TMI, sorry). It didn’t feel as if I was on the verge of an asthma attack after going up the stairs. My pants were almost falling off me (only 3 days)!!Then we had pizza for dinner.

It only took about an hour for the pinching to start. Right under my ribs. I got nauseous, and sweaty. My mouth felt slimy. The next morning that pants that were falling off the night before, were too tight. My skin was freaking out like a stressed out teenager’s.

So I’ve decided that I NEED to make this change in my life. If I’m ever going to healthy I have to commit to this. Currently six days strong….I want Cheezits….



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