I Have Two Options

As an openly practicing pagan, I have some things to figure out. And I need to do it quickly…I live in an area where people are still fairly conservative. Not in the outrageous way we all read horror stories about, but in that I still get looked at “funny” when  people ask what church I go to, and I jokingly tell them I’m in church every time I’m outside.  It’s subtle, and very quiet. Almost undefinable, until I scroll down my FB feed and see sentiments about how happy people are to see the Obama’s leave. How glad they are to have a “Good Christian” in office. Yes, those exact words.

I hear people that I, in general, like and respect, speak of how relieved they’ll be “when them immigrants are gone”, or how “all the Muslims will be sent back”. Never mind many of “those Muslims” were born and raised right here.

It’s in the fear of my beloved friends, who wonder if their marriages will be nullified. The lives that they’ve built on that foundation, ripped apart. And the people who loudly encourage doing just that.

As an openly practicing pagan, in a society that increasingly believes “freedom of religion” means that you get to pick whether your church is Baptist, or Catholic, I need to decide what course my life will follow over the next 4-8 years. Will I take the “traditional” path of people in this dilemma, and hunker quietly in the shadows, hiding all outward sign of my faith, and hope that if the worst of our collective fear comes true, I’ll be overlooked? Or will I be loud, and outrageous? Will I anoint my body with oils and dance in the moonlight, for all to see? Craft objects to be put on display in both my home, and the homes of those I love? Will I maintain a presence, and a voice for those who cannot?

I lied. I said I had two options…


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