More Adventures in GF

I’m a whole week Gluten Free! They say it takes three weeks to establish (or break) a habit. If that’s true, I’m a third of the way through the worst of it. Here’s the pros and cons so far…

Pros: less gassy, noticeably more energy, sleeping better because I’m not waking up with stomach cramps, less stomach cramps, skin clearing up, enjoying researching for new recipes. Did I mention less stomach cramping?

Cons: I really want a sandwich! It takes a lot longer to grocery shop, because I have to read all the ingredients, and look up unfamiliar ones. It takes longer to plan meals, because my food budget is very tight and does not allow for the cost of GF convenience foods. In some cases it takes longer to prepare meals.

I haven’t weighed myself yet (I don’t want to know yet, but I did when this started so I would have a baseline), but my clothes seem to be fitting a little differently. I feel more motivated to practice Yoga (less stomach cramps=more core flexibility).

Overall, I feel this is working well this time around. Maybe once I get this down, I’ll cut sugar too….maybe.


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