Let’s talk about labels for a moment. I see a LOT of hemming and hawing, both within the pagan community, and general community as well, that “Labels are just some thing we call ourselves!” Exactly! That’s the POINT! It’s a word we use to describe a facet of ourselves. Be it boy/girl, man/woman, witch, seeker, grey, white, black, straight/gay, WHATEVER! If I tell you that I am a practicing solitary grey eclectic witch. Odds are you know exactly what I’m talking about. Without me having to go into GREAT detail about my ethical beliefs you KNOW that I actively practice a form of witchcraft that borrows from many cultures and “styles”. That I’m not “above” throwing a curse if I feel it’s deserved, but I’m just as open to healing. When I say that I’m a “Kitchen Witch” even if you aren’t familiar with the term, it probably lets you know that I like to fiddle in the kitchen. My “tools” tend to be simple. That food can be magick too. Labels are part of WHO WE ARE! As practitioners of magick, we KNOW that words hold Power. So when I describe myself as a “practicing solitary grey eclectic witch” and you roll your eyes and say “there is no “grey” it’s all in the intent”, technically you are correct BUT you are also dismissing part who I am. When a male practitioner calls himself a “warlock” and you jump to “correct” him on the meaning of that particular word. You are dismissing a part of him. For all you know, he is perfectly aware of the connotation, and chose that title on purpose. There are just as many labels as there are paths. ALL are valid. You don’t get to choose what someone calls themselves. That is between them and their god/s. 

That being said, please be respectful in what labels you choose to call yourself. Some labels are earned. Some are culturally sensitive. While the decision is between you and your deity, you must live with your fellow mortals.




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