The Dangers of Composting

Fun morning already! I started my new job this past weekend. 20 hours in 2 days, and it’s NOT a desk job. Needless to say, I didn’t want to come home and do dishes, and all the gods combined forbid my husband do them without me throwing a fit first. So not only is there a sink full of dishes, but they’re piling up on the counter as well. Okay, hold that mental picture…. I have a coffee can (one of the newer MH plastic things) that I throw scraps in to be taken to the compost. I’m normally pretty good about doing it before I go to bed, but I was tired and just plain forgot. Fast forward to this morning. I’m sitting in the living room playing with the baby and here a loud ‘POP’ and then a crash. The lid to the can popped off with enough force to knock a stack of bowls off the counter. Of course they ALL broke (stupid farberware), and the broom is on the far side of the mess…. *sigh*


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