In an ill-conceived moment of frustration a few months ago I cut my hair. It was finally edging out of the “medium” range and into the “long”, but it needed trimmed and I had neither the time nor money to go have it done, so I took my husband’s clippers, snapped on the longest attachment, and plowed through. To call it drastic would have been an understatement.

Fast forward about 4 months and it’s obviously growing out. The back brushes my shoulders. The front is constantly in my eyes (almost the perfect bangs though), and it’s shaggy. I HATE IT. With the passion of a thousand suns I hate it.  I can’t pull it back. I can’t pin it up. It won’t hold a proper curl, but wants to flip out on the ends. Just not all in the right directions….

Now I’m perfectly aware that this is PRIME example of bad decision making, and time will heal this…..but who’s to say I can’t try to nudge it along. I set a pint of ACV (that’s Apple Cider Vinegar for anyone wondering) in the window at the New Moon, and asked the Goddess to share her growth. Every night from New to Full I spent a few moments with my little jug of vinegar visualizing my hair growing as fast as springtime weeds. Growing as full and thick as the moon.

This is my second weekly hair mask made from my little jug. Obviously, I haven’t noticed any great length change yet, but I seem to be “shedding” less. My scalp is a bit itchy (might need to moisturize), but as I sit here, with what looks like hummus smeared through my hair, a pleasant warmth radiates from the top of my head, and the sharp spicy scent sparks a craving for thai food.

I’m fully aware of the vanity I’m displaying. And that there are many who would chide me for “using magic for personal gain”, but right now I truly don’t care. I’m just taking care of my hair.


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