I am loud, and obnoxious.  Often quite pretentious. I have a dry, ‘earthy’ sense of humor. I LOVE fire, and music, and food, and books. My family is my universe, and sometimes I spend so much time with them that they are all I have to talk about.

In my heart, I am a warrior. The sword and staff call to me. Inanna whispers to me in my sleep. My greatest battle is within myself. The New Moon is my refuge, my sanctuary, my still waters.

My mind moves faster than my mouth and hands can keep up. Words tumble like pebbles in an avalanche. Crashing, sliding, forming patterns I never would have seen, if not for the calm chaos surrounding me. Profanity abounds.

The stars wheel about me, dancing their vast waltz through the cosmos. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. Singing, spinning, the breath of their magic touches me, like a spider’s web heavy with the morning’s dew. Casting a cloak around my shoulders.

I’m a horrid mass of contradictions. Happy and sad, raging at circumstances I know nothing of how to change. Fear paralyzes me, yet spurs me forth to new vistas. I stand as a shield even as I want to hide.


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