Weather Correspondences

The topic of this week’s Fundamental Friday is working with the weather. It should be noted that this is NOT about “Weather Magic” as that is a whole different can of worms meant to INFLUENCE. We are going to talk about using what’s already there.
This is one of those slippery topics as it’s truly subjective. I will never tell you to wait for a thunderstorm, or a sunny day, or a clear moonlit night to cast a certain spell, however there are certain advantages to it.
I think the most logical way to do this is to make a list of general correspondences. I’m going to list the weather type and then the types of magics that I feel may gain a bit of a boost.
Clear sunny skies = anti-depression work, mental clarity, joyful love, clarifying or resolving issues
Clear moonlit skies = scrying, general divination, work to shape and clarify your personal path
Windy = path clearing work, the removal of obstacles, anything long range
Rainy (gentle to moderate) = fertility magic, deep healing
Rainy (moderate to heavy) = cleansing/purifying
Cloudy = protection
Snow (gentle) = house magics
Snow (heavy) = protection by concealment, magic to release built up emotion or grief, magic to help end bad habits
Fog = divination, strong protection, any work you wish to be concealed
Storms = passionate love, curse work, fertility.


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