How I Built My Astral Temple

The term “Astral Temple” is a little misleading in that many people automatically envision a church like setting. It really doesn’t need to be, and for some pagans, that may even be counter productive as your AT is supposed to be a place of spiritual and/or mental solace. That being said it can be literally any thing you need it to be. A simple cottage in the mountains? Sure! A castle on a cliff at the ocean? Why not! If you can imagine it, you can build it.

I began by establishing a regular meditation practice. There are countless ways to do that, and even more tutorials. Once I had that going, I settled in as normal and began to think about what my ideal refuge would be. What did I need to feel at peace and to gather my resources? Slowly a tree formed in my mind’s eye. A strong, proud Oak, swaying in the breeze. It was in the center of a large, lush, meadow, smack dab in the middle of a forest with every tree I could think of all around.


Time after time I would return to this place. Sometimes it took effort, but gradually it became easier, and I would always add another layer to it until it became as real as my living room. When I’m there I can FEEL the wind, and the soil. I can SMELL the leaves and flowers!

Now, it’s so established that it’s just a mental side-step to get there. It’s become not only a place for me to gather energy for spell casting and ritual work, but an escape during times of great stress. It’s where I go to break an anxiety attack, and during the birth of my last child it was were I retreated when the pain and chaos of surgery became too much.


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